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Garde Robe is a unique service that offers museum quality storage and preservation of designer garments in a climate-controlled facility so that they can be kept in pristine condition for years. Each item is professionally photographed and entered into an online inventory known as a Cyber Closet, allowing all items to be accessed 24 hours a day. This is ideally suited for couture collectors, business travelers, globetrotters and fashion designers, with complimentary same-day delivery and pick up service.


“I had been looking for the best storage and care for my many key pieces from my archive collections, and it was fortuitous that I was introduced to Garde Robe for their meticulous cataloguing and preservation” – Collette Dinnigan


Garde Robe’s textile preservation experts inspect each and every item carefully and prepare each garment for archival storage accordingly to ensure every piece remains in pristine condition

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Items are prepared for storage utilizing solely archival materials and placed in lofts featuring optimal climate for textile preservation

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Cyber Closet - a private digital look-book where Garde Robe members can view and manage their wardrobe collections

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