2015 Young Hearts – ALDI

Collette Dinnigan brings a new spirit and energy to childrenswear collaborating with award winning grocery retailer ALDI. In an Australian supermarket first, the collaboration includes an exclusive girl’s apparel range, Young Hearts by Collette Dinnigan, for babies through to early teens.

ALDI are experts at creating market leading products that never compromise on quality and the Young Hearts by Collette Dinnigan collection is no exception. Items in the 74 piece collection range from $11.99 – $29.95 and are on sale as a Special Buy from Wednesday, October 14, 2015 exclusively at ALDI stores while stocks last.

ALDI sought to collaborate with distinguished designer Collette Dinnigan and harness her reputation for creating high quality fashion in alignment with ALDI’s commitment to producing award winning innovative products. The retailer’s stringent quality assurance and testing program includes colourfastness, finishing, durability and functionality coupled with a commitment to using natural fibres wherever possible. This reflects Collette’s principles of impeccable design detail and premium quality established over a 25 year career in fashion.

“I have been designing children’s apparel since my daughter Estella was born 11 years ago. Now thanks to ALDI, I can bring that quality with unbeatable value to all Australians. It’s been very rewarding to provide a well-designed quality made collection for young girls that carries my design aesthetic, including signature Collette Dinnigan prints and embroidered embellishments such as cotton broderie lace details,” said Collette Dinnigan.

“Young Hearts has a youthful, bohemian spirit incorporating colours that reflect an Australian summer like brilliant turquoise waters, skies of vibrant blue, bright sunshine yellow and of course pretty rose pinks and reds that little girls dream of,” Collette added.


ALDI Corporate Responsibility:

ALDI takes responsibility for the people throughout its supply chain, with particular emphasis on ethical working conditions at production facilities manufacturing our products.
ALDI was the first supermarket in Australia to become a member of the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange (Sedex). The tools within the Sedex database allow ALDI to monitor social standards within the supply chain such as labour standards, health and safety, the environment and business ethics, enabling staff and suppliers to take the necessary steps to address potential issues.
In addition to third party audit reports, ALDI also conducts its own audits and quality assessments. Locally ALDI staff, together with representatives of our direct suppliers and independent inspectors, visit Chinese and Bangladesh production facilities with the aim of obtaining a clear and accurate picture of the local conditions and progress made in high-risk commodity groups and regions. By having our own staff conduct regular inspections locally in Asia, we are able to verify whether and to what extent contracted production facilities adhere to our minimum requirements.
Special engagement in Bangladesh.
ALDI internationally is a signatory to the Accord for Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh. The aim of the Accord is to ensure safe working conditions for staff at garment factories through inspections conducted by independent experts.
Furthermore, ALDI introduced minimum requirements for fire and building safety in textile factories in Bangladesh and communicated these to our suppliers. Among other things, these requirements include comprehensive fire protection systems, a valid building permit and compliance with building regulations.

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