Celebration: 20 yeas of the Audi Ambassador program

1st August , 2017
Image Credit Carlotta Moye Collette
  • Featured on Audi Magazine
  • Story Felicity Bonello
  • Images Carlotta Moye
  • Styling Paula Joye
  • Hair and Makeup Allison Boyle

“It always was, and still is, about a mutual respect between brands,” cites Burgdorf. “If you take Collette, for example, as one of the first back in ’97, she knew of the brand from her travels to Europe, loved what she’d seen and was interested in collaborating. Of course, I knew of her brand in Australia and what she stood for; she’s Australian, and [her brand] was about quality, it was about detail and it was about beautiful but functional artisanship and design work. It was a good fit with Audi. Collette was still relatively early on in her career, but clearly making big inroads and just had such a great sense of credibility and authenticity and a no-compromise kind of approach; that worked well for our brand too. It was always about collaboration.”

Certainly for Collette, as the first female ambassador for Audi, it’s been equal parts ground breaking and a mutually rewarding experience.

“I think being one of the first [ambassadors], and the first female, I was always questioned, what was my relationship with cars? We’re talking 20 years ago; and it’s very much a male dominated world. But as we now know women often make the decision on what car you buy; for practical reasons, for safety, for design,” explains Dinnigan. “For me I always thought Audi was a very luxury branded car that was well designed. It felt great and it still feels so good to do something where you’re the first to be an ambassador to a company that people maybe would’ve thought contradicted your own sensibilities. Audi was there, they did it first, they do it best, it’s authentic,” Dinnigan continues.

“I think they’ve been very clever in the way they’ve chosen the people that they did. They’re very professional, can actually laugh at themselves; and we can have fun together. It’s not competitive because we’re not wanting attention; in fact most of us, I think, are quite happy to take a back foot.”

Image Credit Carlotta Moye Ambassadors

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