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That’s Amore | Bridal

1st September , 2015

‘The idea of doing a bridal collection evolved over the years, as people started asking if we could make up particular evening dresses in ivory so they could wear them as wedding gowns.’
~ Collette Dinnigan

The entrance of the bride is the most anticipated moment of a wedding, and the wedding gown is the most significant dress many women will ever wear. Long hours, lots of emotional energy and a generous budget are invested in selecting the perfect gown.

Bridal wear is an important segment in the fashion market, one that appears to be relatively unaffected by economic downturns. Collette Dinnigan launched her bridal range in 2007, with gowns featuring romantic, often understated styles and hand-embellished textiles. The designs are more traditional than Dinnigan’s ready-to-wear collections, reflecting the more conservative market for wedding dresses.

Celebrities who have worn Dinnigan’s wedding gowns include Sarah Murdoch, Miranda Kerr and Toni Collette.


Illustration by Jane Becker

Photos by Dominique Cherry


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