The Installation

Obsessive Creative | Inspiration Walls

1st September , 2015

‘I am inspired by colour, art, flowers, landscapes and details from vintage clothes or antique bric-a-brac. Travelling has always been a great influence too. I sketch with fabrics in mind and develop inspiration boards alongside my draping.’
~ Collette Dinnigan

Sources of inspiration play an important part in a designer’s creative process, from defining the key theme or mood of a collection, to the design elements of individual garments. Designers are frequently asked where their inspiration comes from and how it translates into their designs. They take inspiration from the world around them, so articulating the often complex mix of conscious and unconscious influences, sources, links and references is difficult.

Fashion designers prefer to compile their research, conceptualise, communicate and develop their ideas using mood boards, sketches, draping and toiles. Imagined and installed by Collette Dinnigan, this room is a journey through Dinnigan’s creative landscape.


Illustration by Jane Becker

Photos by Dominique Cherry


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