Collette Dinnigan Gardening Figs

Figs from my Garden.

There is an abundance of figs this summer and I like to serve them quite simply quartered. The best way to showcase them is on a large platter, I really like the depth of the green one here, it adds an earthiness to the ripe darkness of the fruit. I think serving food on green is generally an really underrated idea – we recently hosted a large group of friends for dinner and I laid the table with only white and green, including the white napkins, white tablecloths and silverware all of which framed the green plates, platters, serving bowls and tiny green vases filled with small bunches of white roses.

I like to serve figs with prosciutto and goats’ cheese. The soft earthy flavour of this cheese is a pillow on the palette for the figs. A bowl of green olives and a glass of good rose all creates one of my favourite ‘aperitivo’. As pictured, depending on guests, the platter can be as loaded or as simple as required, either way the fig is a luscious treat.

I have included a picture of myself picking green figs from our trees in Puglia that was taken in August 2020. It seems a long time ago but hopefully we will all be able to enjoy moments like this again overseas in 2022.

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