Read All About It: Santa Loves Australia

Santa Loves Australia by Collette Dinnigan illustration by Luke Sciberras

I have always loved reading, there is nothing to beat the powerful, magical world that a good book provides. Through lockdown I got together with my friend and artist Luke Sciberras and we decided to create a children’s book together. I wrote it and he did the pictures. It’s a story about Santa’s journey over our fine country. 

I think children’s books should be educational and we really wanted to share our passion for the native flora and fauna of Australia with young readers – and to that end there is a neat glossary of terms included. 

Luke’s work is spirited and all the animals are full of character, bold yet it has amazing attention to detail. It’s whimsical and wonderful I hope you enjoy it at Christmas.

From the glossary:

ULURU is a giant rock in the middle of Australia. Its traditional custodians, the Anangu people, regard it as a place where Earth and time exist as one.

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